Jill's Wedding

My dear friend Jill was married last weekend to Landon.  They are such a great pair and I was honored to be a part of their awesome day to celebrate the beginning of their life together.  Jill was the most laid back, play-it-cool bride I have ever encountered.  She had to buy a wedding dress on Tuesday and, as stressful as it was, she kept calm and completely collected.  

Jill and Landon's wedding day couldn't have been more perfect, as the clouds parted and the sun came out for the first time in days.  It was an outdoor wedding and it was absolutely beautiful, but not as beautiful as Jill.  She was a stunning bride and all eyes were on her all night long.

Not only did I get to spend ample time with Jill last week, but I was also able to catch up with my friend, Kayla, as we spent lots of time together, as well as BR and Paula.  I don't get to see these girls much, but I am thankful for the times we get together and the friendships I share with them.

I pray that Jill and Landon have a happy life together, filled with God's love and a few sweet, little babies.  Love you both!

Kayla and I at the salon getting ready.

All ready to go!

Love these girls!

At the reception


Random Picture Friday

Horray for the weekend!  We have a pretty low key weekend, so I am excited for some uninterrupted family time.  Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

Luke loves Mercy Me music videos...and BBQ sauce and baked beans.

He loves his big puzzle.

This girl makes me smile.

Why wouldn't I eat my toes?

 Luke got pretty excited about his new jacket.

Stopped for traffic.

Gaga and Papa came for a visit.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday and my mom and dad's anniversary.

Springtime on the farm is the best.

Luke and Daddy working hard in the yard.


Luke loves Lily's chair.

Luke was missing many of his toy cars.  We went and looked in my car and...behold...we found over twenty toy cars.


Lily Jo is 5 months

Lily Jo has been in our lives for 5 whole months.  She has brought us joy and so many laughs already in her short life.  Here is what Lily has been up to this past month...

  • Lily sleeps from 7:30-7:30 and gets up once to nurse during the night.  
  • Lily smiles all. the. time.  She is a smiley girl who loves it when people talk to her.  She is our little social butterfly.
  • During the day Lily takes two naps, a shorter one in the morning, and a long one with her brother in the afternoon.
  • Car rides put Lily right to sleep.  She loves snoozing in the car on our way to and from the city.
  • Lily nurses five times and takes one 8 ounce bottle at night.  She loves to eat.
  • Lily loves to watch her big brother and plays 'hide and seek' with him after she's done nursing.  
  • Lily loves getting her picture taken, she is one photogenic little girl.
  • Lily will roll from her back to her belly and from her belly to her back, but not often.  Our rug makes this activity a bit difficult.
  • Lily will laugh when you tickle her under her chin and squeeze her thighs.  Luke has even got a few giggles out of her when he plays with her.
  • The bouncer had to be put away this month, Lily has figured out how to wiggle herself out of it.


Jesus Rose

This past weekend we celebrated the work Jesus did on the cross for us.  We spent some great time with family and reflected on the great gift Christ gave us through his suffering and death.  

We made the trip to Cedar Rapids on Saturday to see Hillary, John and Katie, along with Kevin's parents.  I was able to drive a little farther and see my family for a few hours Saturday afternoon.  My brother's family was in town from California.  On Sunday we traveled to Grinnell to go to church with Kevin's grandpa and have lunch with his family.  It was a memorable weekend and I am so thankful we were able to see so many family members.  Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

Resurrection rolls with Luke on Friday morning...he kept saying 'Jesus rose'.

Luke's Easter basket

He was pretty excited about this.

Luke giving Lily her Easter basket.

Lily's Easter gift

Fun at John and Hillary's farm

This is what happens when you play on the farm all day.

Lily and I made the trip to see my family for a few hours.

Great-Grandma Hasley and Lily

Great-Grandma Hines, Grandma Kathy, and Lily

A selfie with some of my favorites

Aunt Hillary and Lily Jo

After church picture

Cousin Katie

Great-Grandpa Turner and the kiddos

Love this girl


Random Picture Friday {2 days late}

Happy Easter, all!  I am hoping to get an Easter post up this week, so I wanted to post some pictures from this past week, since I didn't get it done Friday.  Hope you all had an awesome Easter weekend with your family celebrating the resurrection of Christ!

Pretty girl

Luke loves to help Mama bake.

The Harris kids visited from Denver...it was so great to see them!

Car magazines are Luke's favorite.

Kevin and Luke put together our new double stroller.  A double stroller equals freedom!

We celebrated Amelia's third birthday.  Luke was a fan of the beans.

An Easter egg hunt with Scarlet.

A date at Jones Bro. with my main little man

Luke's favorite exhibit at the zoo.

Luke and Daddy checking out the 'baby hops'.

Rachael came to visit the babes.

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