Random Picture Friday

This is an extreme version of Random Picture Friday, as I haven't posted in awhile.  We have been here, there, and everywhere the past few weeks and Kevin and I are ready to be homebodies for awhile.  Here is what we have been up to...

We had some visitors on the Trail.

Time stop, please.

Apple orchard season

Iowa/Iowa State Game...Go Hawks!

 We have so many gourds!

Daddy was gone for a few days and we were so, SO happy to see him!

We get Luke through a hair cut by telling him he can watch trains after.

Zoo time

Bonfire with our Journey Group...we love these people so much!

Soaking up the last warm days



Once a year Kevin heads to Chicago for one of his favorite conferences of the year and once a year we get to go with him.  We love this trip because one of my good friends, Anne, lives there and we get to spend some time with her while we are in the city.

The highlights from this trip were the boats on the river and all the trains (the L)...obviously because Luke was intrigued by them.  We even made a trip to Indiana and IKEA and got to go to a Cubs game (kind of).  It was a fun time, but we are so, SO happy to be home.  Here is our trip in pictures (bummed we didn't get any pictures with Miss Anne)!!!

Hanging by the river

This kid cracks me up.

Luke and Lily's 'ride' for the trip.

Watching the boats.

The Cubs game...not that we watched much of it with the two kiddos.

We took a carousel ride at Navy Pier.

What better way to kill forty-five minutes than in a toy store.  I'm sure the clerk loved me.



Whew...life has been a bit on the wild side lately.  My brother's family was in town a few weeks back and we were lucky enough to spend some time with them.  They flew into Omaha and spent some time on the Trail for a few days before heading to Ottumwa for a wedding.  It was so nice to all be together, it doesn't happen very often these days.  We miss them already!

Some pool time with these babes.

We had a surprise party for my nephew, Landon, as we won't all be able to be at his birthday party in October.

We spent one morning with Cooper and Paige...Lily LOVED Coop.

Darth Vader and Luke...

Luke is SO into trains these days...we had to make a stop at the train station in Ottumwa.

I don't think they're supposed to do that.

Family picture with everyone!

We all had a fun time playing on the church bus.  Papa Jeff joined in on the fun.

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