Random Picture Friday

Less than a week until Christmas!  Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Treynor State Bank Christmas party

Lily snoozing through my dentist appointment.

Luke had his first dentist appointment and did great (even though he doesn't look too thrilled in this picture).

We made footprint/handprint ornaments this year.

Luke, Lily, and I had a fun morning in the city.  First stop...getting a chip in our windshield fixed.

Next stop...story time at the library with Claire.

Cooking Club at La Buvette...five orders of roasted chicken!

First smiles from Lily.

A fun morning...Luke knocked over the Christmas tree...

Luke made a pile of toys in the hallway while I did office work.


Random Picture Friday...a little late

Better late than never...right?  I hope you all have a blessed weekend!  It's supposed to be 50 degrees here...woohoo!

Daddy and Lily snoozing.

Jill meeting little Lily, she is a natural!

Great-Aunt Gerianne snuggling Lily and playing with Luke.

Both babes and their Daddy.

We took a trip to Bass Pro to see Santa, but instead Luke just looked at everything with wheels.

Lily in her car seat.

This is what happens when I try to feed two kids at once.

He wanted his picture taken...

Sweet Baby Luke Lily

When you're out and about and you need to feed the baby...fun in the back seat. Don't worry...the car was parked in the zoo parking lot.

When I asked Luke what he wanted to see at the zoo he said 'tiger' and 'lion'.

We also had to check out the construction site.

AND I was super excited to see all the baby animals.


1 month

Our Lily Jo is 1 month old today.  Her sweetness has filled our days and nights and we just can't get enough.  Here is a list of Lily's memorable moments from the past month.

Lily loves sleeping in the rock in play.  She slept there her first weeks of life and has recently transitioned to sleeping in her crib (which is great for all of us!)
Lily enjoys nothing more than a good meal.  She is a great eater and has made nursing so easy.
Luke joins Lily during tummy time.  Like her big brother when he was a baby, Lily has rolled over a few times when she is working on holding her head up. (Kevin says it is the gravitational pull from having big heads...anyways...)
Lily will take a pacifier during nap times and when she gets a bit upset.
Lily falls asleep as soon as we hit Highway 92 in the car.  She isn't a big fan of her car seat at first, but gets used to it after a bumpy ride down our gravel road.


Random Picture Friday

My first week alone with my two littles went much better than I expected.  I had visions of calling Kevin begging him to come home.  That didn't happen and we had a wonderful week with only a few times where both babes were crying.  I am looking forward to a weekend with Kevin home and all of us together.  Hope you have a blessed weekend!  Only 20 days until Christmas!

Fun last weekend picking out a Christmas tree

This kid is a multi-tasker.  I asked him to pick up his toys, so we could read...so he pushed his cart with his cars while riding his tractor.

Kevin and I got away for a few hours for dinner while my mom and sister were here last weekend.

Our sweet friends Todd, Kara, and Amelia brought us a stocking for Lily to complete our stocking crew.


Thanksgiving (in pictures)

With two littles at home, my blog posts might not be as detailed as in the past.  My life has changed, but I know it is only a stage, so I am soaking up every minute.  I am enjoying these two babes and all the diapers, spit up, cuddles, kisses, and car playing that come with them!  Here is our Thanksgiving weekend in pictures...

Ga-Ga Kathy and Luke making a pumpkin roll.

Luke loved helping ice the pumpkin roll.

This was entertaining.

Thanksgiving dinner...my mom got sick and ended up spending Thanksgiving in the basement.

Kevin giving Lily her first bottle.

Aunt Roro, Cousin Landon, and Lily

Great-Grandma Hasley made the trip over from Ottumwa to meet Lily.

4 generations...and Abel.

The Hasley family visiting the Trail.  We missed my brother Brandon and his family.

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